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Where Have I been?

I intended to start this blog in 2010.  I submitted an introductory post of another name and then very quickly life got in the way. I have had a varied career in purchasing, inventory control and production management in both manufacturing and financial services companies. A sudden change lead to my wife and me owning a local business that demanded a lot of my time and I really enjoyed being a very lucky husband and father. I am aggressively retired now and am rededicating myself to a better set of blogging habits.  While I had good intentions (and we all know how valuable those are) I offer my apologies for the false start. After finally retiring, attending to some health issues (more on those in later posts), some serious navel gazing and a few more false starts, I have decided to keep my posts reasonably close to retirement and general family life as a niche for this blog. I have a fairly strong tendency to follow tangents and wander off the reservation, so there may be enough interesting material to keep many folks interested.

Since 2010 my passion for politics has been tempered a bit, there will be less of the Democrat vs Republican or left vs right or even Progressive vs Conservative discussions I originally thought I’d be including. Offering discussions framed in those terms leads to division and we probably will not change each other’s minds. I think I’d prefer to offer posts that we can all enjoy or might encourage discussions rather than have us talk ‘at’ each other. So our broad niche of retirement and family life will be our guide for future posts. Thanks for checking in with us and we hope to keep you entertained and informed.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave constructive comments.