Phriday Phunnies

Stolen from around the web

I tried to come up with a carpentry pun that woodwork. I think I nailed it.

It’s amazing how different booty calling and butt dialing are.

Why are they called stairs when inside but steps when outside?

When I got my vaccine, the nurse said, “Oh, I see you have an iron deficiency.” I asked, “How can you tell?” She said, “Your shirt’s wrinkled!”

Retirement is wonderful. It’s doing nothing, with no worry of getting caught!

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Well over aged 60 (well, OK, a lot more than that...) father of one outstanding young woman, unworthy husband of the most patient and talented woman in the world, retired small business owner, lover of all the wrong foods, political junkie and resident of NH. A conservative with a libertarian streak, and a thoughtful, impish, dedicated curmudgeon.

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