Phriday Phunnies

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Image of a clown

Why is there a ‘D’ in fridge, but not in refrigerator?

Albert Einstein was a genius but his brother, Frank, was a real monster!

I was wondering about the music coming from my printer. Apparently the paper was jamming.

Evidently, sound travels far slower than I was taught. The things I told my kids when they were teenagers didn’t reach them until they were in their 30s!

Is it even possible to have purposelessness as a goal?

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Well over aged 60 (well, OK, a lot more than that...) father of one outstanding young woman, unworthy husband of the most patient and talented woman in the world, retired small business owner, lover of all the wrong foods, political junkie and resident of NH. A conservative with a libertarian streak, and a thoughtful, impish, dedicated curmudgeon.

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