Phriday Phunnies

Stolen from around the web “Hey, Peter? How did you get that bruise?” “Eating Halloween candy.” “Halloween candy won’t give you a bruise.” “It will when it’s your big brother’s Halloween candy!” I read that anyone travelling in icy conditions should carry with them a shovel; blankets or sleeping bag; extra clothing; a 24-hour supplyContinue reading “Phriday Phunnies”

Venezuela Can, US Cannot! — The Lone Cactus

So, let me understand if I get the picture coming out of Joe Biden these days. It’s fine and OK if Chevron can go to Venezuela to drill for oil, but here in the US, there’s (and I’m quoting Biden here) “No more drilling!” Is that right? I know Biden is this climate change geek […]Continue reading “Venezuela Can, US Cannot! — The Lone Cactus”