Thank you Justice Kagan

OSHA’s vaccine mandate When I started this blog I thought I would be writing about my passion of conservative politics. During the years that have passed before I actually began writing regularly, I mellowed a bit and my passion for politics has tempered. I decided there will be less of the Democrat vs Republican orContinue reading Thank you Justice Kagan


Is Afghanistan so different from the US? I have been observing tribalism from a distance for a while now. Many of us blame tribalism for the failure of the Afghani people to form a stable, democratic government. Most, if not all Afghanis are Muslim. That’s a pretty big tribe from our perspective. But while watchingContinue reading “Tribalism”

Hey, Conservatives!

Actually, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and all… I am with you. I share your love and protection of individual liberty and accountability. I share your economic views. I share your respect for the Founding Fathers and the Constitution – it is an amazing document. I share your belief in restricting the powers of the federalContinue reading “Hey, Conservatives!”

Our Shame in Afghanistan

A bit about me first. As you may be able to tell from perusing other parts of my site, I am a conservative; a small c conservative. Not a member of a Conservative party. Just conservative. Law and order conservative. Kinda follow the rules conservative. (Speed limits exempted when I am on the open roadContinue reading “Our Shame in Afghanistan”