Venezuela Can, US Cannot! — The Lone Cactus

So, let me understand if I get the picture coming out of Joe Biden these days. It’s fine and OK if Chevron can go to Venezuela to drill for oil, but here in the US, there’s (and I’m quoting Biden here) “No more drilling!” Is that right? I know Biden is this climate change geek […]Continue reading “Venezuela Can, US Cannot! — The Lone Cactus”

Phriday Phunnies

Stolen from around the web A buddy and I were discussing former lovers. He said he once broke-up with a girl because she had an incurable speech impediment. I said, “I’m shocked. I’ve never known you to be prejudiced. What was her problem?” He said, “She couldn’t say ‘yes’!” —————————– Actual Audio Excerpts From PoliceContinue reading “Phriday Phunnies”


Is Afghanistan so different from the US? I have been observing tribalism from a distance for a while now. Many of us blame tribalism for the failure of the Afghani people to form a stable, democratic government. Most, if not all Afghanis are Muslim. That’s a pretty big tribe from our perspective. But while watchingContinue reading “Tribalism”

Hey, Conservatives!

Actually, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and all… I am with you. I share your love and protection of individual liberty and accountability. I share your economic views. I share your respect for the Founding Fathers and the Constitution – it is an amazing document. I share your belief in restricting the powers of the federalContinue reading “Hey, Conservatives!”

Our Shame in Afghanistan

A bit about me first. As you may be able to tell from perusing other parts of my site, I am a conservative; a small c conservative. Not a member of a Conservative party. Just conservative. Law and order conservative. Kinda follow the rules conservative. (Speed limits exempted when I am on the open roadContinue reading “Our Shame in Afghanistan”