Phriday Phunnies

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Image of a clown

Someone asked me if I went out of my way to annoy people. I said “Trust me it is not out of my way.”

You know you are getting old when the cops stop asking if you know how fast you were going and ask if you know WHERE you were going.

I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this age before.

We played outside until the streetlights came on. After that the weakest among us ended up on Unsolved Mysteries.

What’s the difference between juvenile humor and Dad jokes? Dad jokes are full groan!

When does hibernation start? I’d like to participate this year.

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Well over aged 60 (well, OK, a lot more than that...) father of one outstanding young woman, unworthy husband of the most patient and talented woman in the world, retired small business owner, lover of all the wrong foods, political junkie and resident of NH. A conservative with a libertarian streak, and a thoughtful, impish, dedicated curmudgeon.

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